Why you should use a password manager
Anthony Mathenge 21st January 2016

Far too many people use the same passwords on every website they use. This is one of the most dangerous mistakes online.

The importance of a secure, unique password on your Internet accounts is incredibly high. It is the only way to protect your identity, your data and your reputation.

But coming up with a dozen unique passwords presents its own challenges. Sure, it is safer. But how safe is a password that you can’t remember?

A recent survey suggests that people can’t and don’t’ want to have yet another thing to remember. Their brains are already so full from all of the things they have to remember at work that 63% said that they have compromised one of their passwords during their career.

Password managers provide a solution to precisely fix this problem. They work by storing all of the information for the sites that you use most often. When you use a password manager, you can log into your most visited sites with ease and without compromising your online security.

The manager works by storing all of your passwords in one secure database. All you need to do is sign up, transfer your sensitive information from that post-it note on your monitor and create a single master password. With a password manager, you just need to remember that master password and nothing else.

Why You Need a Password Manager

If you have ever considered using your birthday or your pet’s name for any account online, you need a password manager. Hacking these passwords is easy to do, especially if you use them on multiple accounts with the same usernames!

It’s easy to understand why anyone would choose to do this. Most of our biggest daily fears are getting locked out of our own account. Most people don’t really think about keeping other people out of our information when we can’t remember how to get in ourselves.

When you have a password manager you can:

  • Create safe and secure passwords that are hidden away where no one but you can find them
  • Learn to remember only a single master password
  • Get safe, secure access to all of your accounts by keeping all of your secure passwords in one place

Reusing Your Passwords Is Dangerous

Using a password manager means that you do not need to reuse your passwords. If you use the same password for your all your accounts – yes, people do that – then you are putting yourself and your identity in serious danger.

If a hacker can figure out your password, or hack it on another compromised account, they can try that password on every single one of your accounts online. This means that they can steal a huge amount of private, personal information without having to do any work.

Scammers and criminals will try to steal information no matter what. But you can make it harder for them by using a password manager and creating impenetrable passwords!

How to Use a Password Manager

Using a password manager is relatively straight forward. After you have logged all of your information in your manager of choice, you can simply navigate your most commonly visited websites as you usually do. However, instead of typing in your password manually, you open your password manager and use the master password.

Choosing the Right Password Manager

By now, a password manager sounds like the solution to at least half of your web based problems. But it is important to remember that not all managers are perfect. In fact, some have real problems associated with them.

The most common password manager that you will encounter is the one that is built directly into your browser. It may seem convenient to hit the ‘Remember Password’ button at the time, but this is not the most secure way to store your passwords. This is because these managers store your personal information on your computer where hackers can still break in and steal it.

Plus, browser-based managers don’t generate random passwords. So you are still having to create secure passwords on your own, which can be a task for some people.

Setting Up a Password Manager

Setting up a password manager is easy. All you have to do is sign up, install any software and enter the appropriate information.

However, it is imperative that you create a very strong password for your manager. It is okay to make this one difficult to remember because you only have that one password to remember.