Why you should start a retirement plan for your business
Anthony Mathenge 7th September 2015

Retirement plans are an inexpensive employee benefit, and one of the most valuable things a company can do for its employees.  Every time a company starts a retirement plan, the benefits provide a ripple effect.
Business owner benefits:

  • When a business owner decides to start a retirement plan for his company it may be because he has the vision that while he is building an asset by building his company, he will also benefit from the diversification of the alternative investments in qualified retirement plan.
  • Funds held by the plan are protected from both personal and corporate creditors.
  • The 3 R’s.  Investment custodians make top-of-the-line features available to business of all sizes that start a retirement plan.  So any business can have a retirement account that rivals its larger competitors.  Having top-quality benefits will allow your company to;
    • Retain your best employees
    • Reward employees through matching, profit sharing or pension contributions
    • Retire employees when its time

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Employee benefits:

  • Statistics show that most individuals will save little or nothing for their future without the convenience of a payroll deduction retirement plan.  An employee is much more likely to participate in the company retirement plan than to start a retirement account for himself/ herself.

Just as you want your children to have every advantage growing up, a business owner should give his or her employees the opportunity to save for their future.  View the presentation below for an overview on pensions administration and how FundMaster Xi can help you achieve this goal.