Is software testing really necessary?
Anthony Mathenge 23rd September 2015

In today’s fast growing tech economy, customers want to get products implemented and updated fast. Faster than their competitors’. They want more software releases with great new features implemented within the shortest time frame. Due to this hasty development and continuous releases, more bugs pile up into the system. These may be fixed in the next release but this model has its drawbacks.

Releasing software with these many bugs affects the user experience which creates a bad impression on the quality of your brand to the end user. Users will always remember about the quality of the product and with all the products out there, they will opt for your competitor’s product. This is where the importance of software testing comes in.
Software testing is a process used to establish the correctness, quality and completeness of developed software. This involves a set of actions carried out with the aim of finding errors and bugs in the software so that they can be fixed before the system is released to users.

Software testing is considered as one phase in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Here, we’ll take a look at the advantages of software testing and how this approach can improve your software development process, making your product seamless & bug-free.

As we all are human beings and human beings commit errors in any process, some of the errors do not cause much impact on our day to day life and can be ignored; however some errors are so severe that they can break the whole system or software. In such kind of situations you need to take care that such errors are identified well in advance before deploying the system/software in production environment.

In the Software development life cycle, testing plays a crucial role. This is where quality, reliability and performance of the system are ensured and all the functions are checked to confirm whether the software is doing what it is supposed to do.

It is advisable to introduce testing in the early stage of SDLC so as to identify the defects early and try to avoid bugs and errors.

Let’s take a real life example and find out how errors & bugs in software can cause failures or disasters if not detected early:

Take for example a bank XYZ, they have a system which they think is robust. A customer transfers some money to a friend through the customer portal. He receives a confirmation message and the money is deducted from his account. Then he calls the friend and the friend says he didn’t receive any money. This causes panic and the customer rushes to the bank to settle the dispute, furious about his money.

Testing cannot be ignored because it impacts all the end users of the product/system. If the portal would have been tested thoroughly for all the possible user operations, this problem would have been found well in advance and got fixed before deploying.

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There are many more life-threatening situations that are caused by lack of proper software testing. As you can see, testing is an important process in any kind of product development because software bugs could be expensive or even dangerous.

With both consumers and businesses demanding smarter, faster, and even more sophisticated applications, and the cost of application failure becoming ever greater, the need for testing solutions and services is necessary and pressing.
After all, for the growth of any business, customer satisfaction is crucial & software testing plays a key role in making this happen.
Systech Limited has been developing application software for the last 12 years. We know firsthand the perils of not testing applications.

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• Quality Assurance Consulting.
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• Education and Training.

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