How video conferencing can help your business
Anthony Mathenge 4th August 2015

Let’s face it; meetings are often less than efficient and productive due to lots of logistical reasons. You are probably all too accustomed to these issues:

  • Distant participants.
  • Cost and time associated with travel.
  • Different time zones.

How can businesses benefit from video conferencing?

Video conferencing software solves these challenges. This helps businesses be the best they can be by allowing two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions, thus streamlining business operations. It becomes easy to connect and share data with people both inside and outside of your company. Due to the rise of WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) , video conferencing has, and will increasingly become more accessible to small businesses who cannot afford to invest in enterprise servers.

Video conferencing has been meticulously incorporated into Unified Communications systems over the past few years. Unified communications systems consolidate business communications to deliver more dynamic user experience.

How video conferencing can boost your meeting productivity.

But how can this supercharge your business? Here are five ways:

Minimized travel expenses

If business travel is the life force of your organization, then it’s most likely one of your biggest expenses. Since video conferencing enables face to face communication with current and potential clients, it practically eliminates the need for your expensive trip, sparing you money, time and frustration in the process. Adopting this system saves your business a lot. In fact, most businesses reach break-even point just two or three months after system installation. This is proven to be one of the wisest investments a business can make.

Business Efficiency & Productivity

The way people do business has seen tremendous changes due to video conferencing. Instead of sending multiple emails back and forth, teammates can interact in real time with no loss in emphasis and facial expressions.  Participants understand each other over long distances ensuring that nothing is misinterpreted. This results in swift decision making, which in turn yields more productivity and efficiency. Also, people are more likely to stay focused when in a video meeting.

 Excellent Customer Experiences

Video conferencing is great for workmates, but it can be very important for improving customer satisfaction. Mobilizing virtual teams around a customer issue can propel speedy resolution, thus improving customer satisfaction and trust. Also, companies can schedule routine customer check-ins through video conferencing to strengthen customer relationships.

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Elevated business possibilities

With greater efficiency and less travelling, more time is left to strengthen working relationships and seek new opportunities. Businesses can also pitch potential clients all over the world and introduce them to their products through video meetings.

Hire best Talent

Video conferencing allows businesses to be more flexible in hiring. This is made possible through virtual interviews from anywhere in the world, ensuring you get the best talent without compromising quality. Also, this gives the candidate more flexibility and allows faster and more informed decisions.

Video conferencing is a technology that has been embraced by thousands of businesses and they use it to carry out daily tasks quickly, without time delays and headaches. Intelligent business people utilize the benefits of video collaboration to outsmart their competition and speed up time-to-market for their products and services.

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