24th June 2016
5 Cyber Security Tips for Your Business premium
Over the past few years, technology has proven to be an instrumental factor in the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. From helping companies reach new customers to increasing productivity among employees, technology has undoubtedly changed the business game. While business leaders are constantly trying to think of new ways to use technology to their advantage, […]
7 Software Testing Myths premium
Myth 1: It is the QA team’s mistake that the defect was missed.   Reality: Whenever a defect is missed the QA are assured to get blamed. Most of the times the development and other phases run long and QA never gets enough time to test with the rush to release. It makes no sense […]
4th March 2016
8 ways to keep your smartphone safe from security threats premium
By 2017, the number of smartphone users in the world is expected to surpass nearly 65 percent of the population. Negotiating security in the face of an ever-growing implementation of mobile devices presents serious challenges for organizations. Risks include loss/theft of devices, and the proliferation of mobile malware. Users need to understand the risks and […]
23rd February 2016
Safeguard your valuables.Create a data backup plan. premium
Most companies that rely on computers often contact a client and ask, “my computer crashed; can you send me the files, again?” When you are in the boxing ring and focus on the big knock out, you could easily be taken down with a couple of quick, sharp jabs. Unfortunately, some businesses do this when […]
21st January 2016
Why you should use a password manager premium
Far too many people use the same passwords on every website they use. This is one of the most dangerous mistakes online. The importance of a secure, unique password on your Internet accounts is incredibly high. It is the only way to protect your identity, your data and your reputation. But coming up with a […]
9th December 2015
How to set up and optimize your home network premium
Running a home network is pretty essential in this day and age. Thankfully, modern hardware and software has reduced the complexities of configuring networks down to a few setup screens, and the relevant hardware often comes free with an internet connection. If you have multiple computers, the chances are they’re already communicating with each other, […]
1st December 2015
Software Developer Job Vacancy premium
Position:             Software Developer Work Station:  Head Office, Nairobi Reporting To:  Manager, Research and Development   Main Purpose of the Job In close collaboration with other departments and stakeholders, the software developer’s main purpose will be to: brainstorm, design, develop, test and continually improve the existing software artifacts. The developer at […]
6 Database Security Best Practices premium
Databases are a treasure chest of data, often highly sensitive data. They are also a key target to malicious cybercriminals due to the valuable nature of sensitive information locked away inside. Data breaches threaten the survivability of any organization. The financial impact of the breach is not the only issue that affects companies that are […]
18th November 2015
All you need to know about employee pension plans premium
To be employed by an organization that provides one or more retirement savings plans to its people is one of the greatest financial advantages you can enjoy. These plans help you achieve your retirement savings goals.   What kinds of employee pension plans are there? There are two basic kinds of plans: defined benefit plans and defined […]